How to get a killer body? Willing to work hard!?

by Maya

Hi everyone! So several months ago, I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy – its why I as gaining weight, no feeling well, sick all the time, headaches, etc.
When I went gluten free, I started loosing a lot of weight and am really happy with where I am now, but I would like to loose a bit more weight and build some muscle up. My weight loss has kind of plateaued.
I think I’m going to have access to a gym this summer – it has a pool (I’m on the high school swim team) and I’m hoping to swim everyday for at least an hour. Also, a few times during the week in the summer, I go outside and either shoot (bball) or hit (volleyball). Is this enough to get me toned, but not bulky? What else should I consider?
Also, any tips on foods to avoid/eat and how to stay motivated?

I’m really ready to do this, and am currently in good shape, just a little flabby :)


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