How to bring this up?

by Maya

I am currently seeing a guy I really like but we aren’t official or anything. He knows that I am Celiac (gluten allergy that I will never grow out of) and is very careful about eating out and things like that. He knows that I can get sick easily but I have been reading that if someone who has ingested gluten kisses you, you can and will get sick. I’ve seen it happen first hand to my best friend who is Celiac as well. He and I are getting to that point and I’ve been able to avoid it up until now but it’s becoming almost impossible. I do want to kiss him (he is not Celiac) but if he had eaten something earlier I can still get sick. How do I bring this up to him without sounding like an high maintenance chick? He doesn’t mind me being Celiac but I can tell that it sort of bothers him and I don’t want to keep throwing these things at him to the point that he gets fed up and says forget it.

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