In wheat, barley, rye, and low level oats, there is a tough protein called gluten. This substance is what makes the dough bind, which you can see with baked breads and other baked foods. Although these grains contains gluten, which may cause a gluten allergy in responsive people they additionally contain numerous additional proteins that can also trigger allergy symptoms.

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The four most important proteins found in wheat, rye, and barley includes albumin, globulin, gliadin, and glutenin, better identified as gluten.

Gluten Allergy Symptoms

As the symptoms and severity of the symptoms of gluten allergy differ from one person to another, in general a person would notice:

  • Hives,
  • Swelling,
  • Abdominal cramps,
  • Nausea and vomiting,
  • Asthma

If the person is very sensitive to gluten allergy, the symptoms may be life-threatening. The positive news regarding gluten allergy is that if the person has a response following consuming wheat or wheat product, formulating an early diagnosis quite uncomplicated. The complexity is that lots of the foods we eat are made with wheat, making it challenging to identify where the real problem lies. Most often, a qualified doctor or allergist may conduct a skin prick test or take blood to substantiate that gluten allergy is the scalawag. If the response to gluten is very severe, the best solution might be to eliminate wheat and wheat by-products from the diet.

Yet, if the gluten allergy is insignificant, then reducing the amount of wheat consumed and/or allergy medication or shots might do the trick. If the person with gluten allergy is a young child, chances are he or she will outgrow the allergy. Gluten Intolerance, otherwise known as Coeliac Disease, is a inherited illness that has an effect on the immune system. In this circumstance, when gluten is consumed, the mucosa, which is the lining of the small intestine, is damaged. When this happens, critical vitamins and nutrients are not absorbed suitably.

When a person has this sort of gluten allergy, the symptoms will be unlike in children than they will be in adults. For children, the gluten allergy is observed as abdominal distension, impaired growth, abnormal stools, irritability, poor muscle tone, malabsorption, poor appetite, migraine headaches and wasting of muscle. If an adult has this type of gluten allergy, then diarrhea, significant weight loss, abdominal cramping and bloating, constipation, and offensive stools are general. In both cases of gluten allergy, a doctor would need to perform blood tests to make a definite diagnosis.

Once done, the single treatment is to have gluten totally eradicated from the diet. For this reason, it is necessary that nutrient and vitamin insufficiency is addressed with things such as niacin, iron, thiamin, riboflavin, chromium, magnesium, selenium, folacin, molybdenum, and phosphorus. With apt attention and diet, a person with gluten allergy can enjoy a ample choice of foods without the frustrating symptoms.

What To Expect When Following A Gluten Free Diet

Following a gluten free diet is not easy, and you will need to become an expert in reading labels. As mentioned, gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and a few other closely related grains. However, tt’s also found in 95% of all processed foods (maybe I’m overstating this a little), including things you may not expect: like low fat yogurt. It’s used for a number of purposes (apart from the obvious pastry and bread): to mask a high fat content, to replace the creaminess lost in producing a low fat version of something, to thicken gravy etc, and to add bulk.

Many medicines contain gluten, for example to make the tablets/capsules a reasonable size – tiny tablets are easily lost – or to thicken a liquid mixture. These foods contain no gluten if they are unprocessed: meat, fish (but not seafood sticks and processed fake seafood), cheese (but grate your own, as shop-bought grated cheese is coated in modified starch), eggs, dairy products (but read the label carefully), fruit, dried fruit (but watch that they are not coated in modified starch), vegetables, nuts, rice, millet, corn, quinoa, oats. The problem with oats, even though they do not contain gluten, is that they are often contaminated by being processed alongside other grains that do.

Buy oats labeled gluten free, which will have been processed in a gluten free facility. Start the easy way, by buying some steak and serving it up with some potatoes and vegetables – hey presto, a gluten free meal without even thinking about it. Basically, avoid food coated in batter, crumbs or sauce. Watch out! some frozen products like roasting potatoes are coated, which may not be obvious. You will need to make your own using gluten free ingredients if you want these. Watch out for malt and derivatives, modified starch and soy sauce. Soy sauce is made with wheat! There are glutenfree varieties available, but these are very expensive and not usually found in your local store.

The golden rule (I call it my mantra) is: Check the Label Every Time You Buy remembering that manufacturers change recipes without warning, if price/availability changes.

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1053786_food_2More and more people choose expensive, lactose-free milk for the stomach’s sake. But often quite unnecessarily.
– Lactose intolerance has become a hip diagnosis!

A soy latte please! More and more people, especially young women, opt out of regular milk because they think they have a lactose intolerance. Because the stomach is rumbling – and because of the much talk about  lactose-free, low lactose and lactose intolerance.

Trouble of getting you child to sleep? Try a race car bed – a great way for the little “driver” on the family to jump to bed!

Something that makes the food industry big money. The shelves with low lactose -and lactose-free products that are significantly more expensive than conventional dairy products.
No, best to skip the milk and drinking water to food. Removing the file, and eat sandwiches instead …

– Very pointless if you do not know that you really is hypersensitive to milk. Lactose intolerance has become something of a hip diagnosis, often without coverage in reality. Mistrust of the milk is much exaggerated. It is therefore important to find out if it really is milk that is culprit.

It says consultant and magspecialisten Lars Blomquist, which in recent years been more and more patients who are convinced that they are intolerant to lactose. In fact, it is almost always the colon irritabile, irritable bowel, often associated with stress, anxiety and irregular eating habits.

This is not to say that you should not take lactose intolerance very seriously, “stresses Lars Blomquist. And it is true that the diagnosis is more common today than ten or twenty years ago – partly because of immigration, and that it has become easier to diagnose.

Being lactose intolerant means that it lacks or, usually, have more or less of the enzyme lactate in the small intestine.
An enzyme needed to break down milk sugar, lactose intact, so that its components can be absorbed. Rather than continuing down the lactose intact in the colon and becomes food for intestinal bacteria, leading to, among other gripe, gas and diarrhea.

We Swedes have generally much lactate in the small intestine, possibly to milk products largely contained in our food culture since time immemorial. In Africa, Asia and Latin America, however, are almost a hundred percent of the population is lactose intolerant, in the Mediterranean countries about 50 percent and in Finland about 20 per cent.

There are three types of lactose intolerance. The major is an inherited, primary laktasbrist, normally detected in four-FIVE-YEAR-OLD. But for some, with more diffuse symptoms, it may take up in their teens and even longer in-nan stomach problems in the context of milk and mjölkmat.

That it is genetically does not necessarily mean that one or both parents need to have symptoms.
Congenital laktasbrist is extremely rare and seen directly, because the child reacts strongly to breast milk.

It may also become temporarily lactose intolerant after an intestinal infection, for example, a tourist diarrhea, secondary laktasbrist, but it moves with time.
However, there is no evidence that it becomes less resistant to the milk with increasing age.

How do I know when it is lactose and not stress and bad habits that make my stomach unhappy?
– You can start by testing yourself by completely abstain from all milk products and such you suspect contains milk at a time. Then you can try drinking a little milk on an empty stomach and see what happens, and then increase the amount gradually. Reacts tummy with tummy ache, noise, gas and diarrhea, you are probably lactose intolerant and should have that confirmed with a test, “said Lars Blomquist, and points out that lactose intolerance is a digestive disorder and not allergy as many believe. So it is not dangerous to get in the milk if you are lactose intolerant. Most also withstand any decilitre per day.

The test can be done with the family doctor to go to first to drink a water solution containing a substantial amount of lactose. Then measured the degree of laktasaktivitet with a blood test or a breath.

There are self to buy at the pharmacy, a DNA sample that is to rub a stick against the inside of the cheek and send for analysis, but it just shows if you have inherited laktasbrist and not the degree.

A disadvantage, says Icakurirens dietician Viveca Annell. If you think you are lactose intolerant, it is useful to know how sensitive you are, so as not to refrain from milk unnecessarily.

– Milk is a veritable vitamin bomb with its fourteen different vitamins and minerals. Ideally there should be in itself the equivalent of five decilitre day. Hard cheese, for example, contains no lactose at all. And yogurt can most successfully.

That there are now so many lactose free and lactose-reduced dairy products on the shelves like Viveca Annell is great progress.
Both låglaktosmjölk and lactose-free milk containing lactose in addition to the same nutrients as regular milk. Låglaktosmjölk, however, is sweeter (for the lactose intact spjälkats the sugars glucose and galactose), which means that many prefer lactose free. Oats and soy beverages are good options if they are fortified with calcium and vitamin D.

There are also prescription lactate tablets to buy at the pharmacy that makes it not very hypersensitive temporarily can eat food that contains lactose. Good if you’re going out to dinner and do not know what is offered.

How do I know if there is lactose in foodstuffs other than milk?
– There is no requirement that it should be lactose in the ingredient list, and it is rare. Look for milk, milk powder, skimmed milk powder, whey, whey powder, dried milk or milk sugar.

– Be careful also when it is creme fraiche, cream, Cream milk powder, kesella, cottage cheese, COTTAGE CHEESE, cheese, mesprodukt, butter and vegetable margarine. Lactose can also be found in, for example, bread, sausages and liver. Then there is Luring as easy mayonnaise and meringues. Lactose is also included in some medicine tablets filler, but in such small quantities that most lactose intolerant do not notice it.

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